sales manager

Candidate requirements:
1. Excellent English skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing
2. Excellent at office ,excel,PPT, Photoshop;
3. Familiar with foreign trade procedures; 
4. Strong leadership and motivational attributes;

5. Self motivated with a high level of urgency and initiative around execution.

Software Engineer

-Design and implementation of DET firmware. 
-Testing and debugging of existing firmware program. 
-Performing FA (failure analysis) for the DET and also the development for FA tools. -Documentation and its maintenance for firmware program. 
-Working closely with other department in China and other foreign countries.
-Bachelor degree or above in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related engineering.   
-1 to 5 years of experience in HDD or Tester.                                                                                                          
-Good experience in one of the fields: software, hardware and firmware. 
-A00 and/or OO experience is required. 
-In depth knowledge of C or C++ programming languages, XML is a plus. 
-Assembly language experience (for DSP or ARM) is a plus. 
-In depth experience with Single Chip Microcontroller (such as ARM, DSP). 
-Knowledge of version control systems, emulator and logic analyzers. 
-Good English in speaking reading and writing.
-Self-motivated and proactive.
-Good communicator and term player, capable of working independently.

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