Buyer: Jiangxi fire brigade
Time: July 2014
Buy product: 700 NVS4 field enforcement recorder
Project background:
1, law enforcement equipment aging, the need to strengthen the basic security: digital camera fixed evidence Jiangxi Fire Corps still use the traditional attendance, inconvenient to carry and can not be a complete record of the whole process of law enforcement, leading to late check trouble. In order to improve the status quo, the Jiangxi provincial fire brigade decided to start from the basic security team, the introduction of advanced equipment to strengthen the construction of fire brigade.
2, perfect the law enforcement evidence preservation, standardizing law enforcement behavior: the fire department is involved in the daily supervision and inspection, also relates to the fire administrative examination and approval, evidence of fixed demand for the field of law enforcement, the Fire Department of Jiangxi Province in order to regulate the law enforcement work, enhance the quality of service.
User focus:
1, can solve the public security enforcement difficulties?
Perfect illegal evidence, timely mediation disputes and doubts: in the past, Jiangxi provincial fire brigade use mobile phone camera enforcement process, not a complete record of the process of law enforcement, leading to subsequent enforcement disputes, not timely evidence. Police wing K5 field law enforcement recorder for such problems, a variety of fine details of the operation, to be able to enter the video immediately after the boot, the timely capture of critical action. In addition, 120 degree lens perspective and up to 10 hours of battery life also ensures a complete record of the whole process of law enforcement. These settings facilitate the follow-up of the law enforcement records, effectively solve the law enforcement disputes.
To enhance law enforcement data Informatization: Jiangxi provincial fire brigade will regularly organize and upload to the server database of audio-visual information law enforcement supervisor, traditional data processing mode is manually upload data to the computer through the computer, post operation calls related to video data, occupied by more manpower and time. Police wing K5 field enforcement recorder with data acquisition workstation, to achieve automatic charging of data, upload and school, audio and video data transfer and access more convenient, effectively improve the work efficiency.
2, product quality and after-sales service how to protect?
Police wing K5 law enforcement recorder performance is good, and stable operation, high comprehensive parameters, in terms of software and hardware are more mature, is the 2012 most popular models in what year 2013. In terms of service, the police wing in the establishment of the League of Jiangxi authorized service points, to achieve localization services, so that the 1 hour response, 4 hours to reach, to solve the 8 hours, to protect the product after sale worry free.
3, supplier strength?
Police wing has a strong R & D strength, more than 20 existing national patents, software copyright of the 11, all kinds of product qualification, the first industry to move the overall solution of electronic evidence law enforcement. Until now, the police wing scene law enforcement recorder and the overall solution has entered the country 34 provinces, 2860 counties, used in public security, transportation, fire protection, urban management, drug administration, customs, railway, judicial and other law enforcement field, serving more than 500 thousand grass-roots law enforcement personnel, formed a system of sales network, accumulated market rich experience in the operation, has been in the leading position in the industry.
Project results:
1, promote the information law enforcement team construction: Jiangxi provincial fire brigade will be applied to all law enforcement law enforcement recorder records the whole project, all aspects of law enforcement in the law enforcement team, effectively enhance the level of application of information technology.
2, effectively reducing the handling of disputes: the application of law enforcement recorder, the Jiangxi provincial fire brigade law enforcement officers of the self regulatory and restraint of the legal consciousness, pay more attention to regulate law enforcement. At the same time, when dealing with cases of disputes can be obtained at any time the original evidence of law enforcement, effectively avoid law enforcement disputes, people's satisfaction significantly improved.
User evaluation:
With this recorder, you can collect the first time, fixed evidence of law enforcement, to avoid unnecessary disputes, the law will be more convenient to go out later."
Before using a mobile phone to upload video to the computer, to specifically looking for people to bother to sort out these data, now the law enforcement recorder and workstations together, can automatically manage the data, we can save a lot of manpower."
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