(I) guiding ideology
In order to maintain the road traffic order and ensure the smooth road, effectively prevent and reduce traffic accidents as the goal, to road traffic monitoring system based on the command of police law enforcement, police guidance service as the core, the traffic safety situation judged early warning as the key to the deployment of police coordination and traffic violations intervention as the basic method, the public security traffic integrated command platform the construction of national unity, to support the police service mechanism reform, promote the implementation of the police followed the alarm to go along with the police service, feelings, promote the traffic management departments of public security organs "four building", and constantly improve the public security traffic scientific and modern management system and the level of capacity building.
(two) building objectives
Public security traffic integrated command platform is an important part of the construction of road traffic safety prevention and control system, and is also one of the four information platform for the construction of public security information technology. The integrated command platform based on the existing national vehicle search control system upgrades, according to City Department, province, three level construction, three level platform interoperability, building a unified national fast and efficient highway traffic emergency system. Through the integrated command platform construction, road traffic situation of illegal traffic intelligent perception, active intervention and emergency timely disposal, police command and other scientific deployment of business management, new service mechanism in the construction of fast and efficient traffic command system, normal combat, improve the police law enforcement ability and level, to ensure smooth traffic safety, road traffic order specification, effective prevention and reduce road traffic accidents.
All kinds of road monitoring system around the self construction of the information sharing and application integration and network operation based on the achieved by the convergence of various road traffic infrastructure, dynamic information and a wide range of analysis, to achieve cross regional road traffic management network control. In the network on the basis of the unified management of vehicle traffic violations, search control site investigation and audit storage, information management, traffic police station cross traffic incident monitoring and emergency command, sharing service supervision business. Around the integrated command platform to run the overall network architecture, planning and adjustment of local road monitoring system data and system distribution, business management functions, and gradually reduce the differences around, improve the level of application. Through the integrated command platform to monitor the operation of the monitoring system to ensure stable and efficient operation of the system.
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